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Welcome to DNA Networks

DNA Networks is an IT / Advertising company dedicated to providing highly effective digital advertising and digital signage network solutions specifically for hotels.

Digital Signage Services

We are a complete integrator of electronic signage network technology and applications. Our digital signage services include everything to implement and maintain a network of dynamic sign displays.

Why Should You Choose Us?

You should invest in our digital sign services because of:

  • Lodging industry experience and knowledge. We have experience with all aspects, including sales and ops.
  • Specialization. We only do hotels. We know them.
  • Flexibility. We can service any location and can even provide the hardware at no upfront cost. We work with you to find the most appropriate solution to handle your needs.
  • National rollout capability. We have a strategic partnership with an IT firm of 10,000+ technicians.

Why you should invest in a digital signage network:

  • Allows delivery of dynamic and compelling content / media.
  • Runs targeted, scheduled campaigns.
  • Allows cross-promotion of other properties / locations.
  • Flexibility and efficiency with electronic scheduling.
  • Advertising revenue opportunities.
  • Cost effectiveness.

Additional digital hotel signage benefits

Digital Signage News and Articles

Please check out our Digital Signage News and Articles section, which discusses the emergence of the digital signage industry and how it relates to the hospitality and lodging industries.

Advertise on the Hotel Ad Network

We have advertising space available now and are adding many more locations soon. Read more about advertising on the hotel digital signage ad network.